Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Sun Shine Home Stay

Land line nos : 02365-252412
Mobile no : +91-9422434962 / 9764054230
Sun Shine Home Stay is a stylish Konkani cottages and a world of its own, for those who appreciate beauty, peace and creativity. It offers just 2 rooms to let, with balcony and kitchen facility. Close enough to town center for you to walk and just three minutes walk to SCUBA point,  it makes a perfect base for exploring the region. From a Tarkarli backwater tour, taxi package to ayurveda treatment  serves your needs. It gives you a Malvani breakfast and seafood.
If you are interested in self discovery, welcomes you each morning and evening for celebration  and silence, so that you can explore our beautiful land rejuvenated and at peace.
for more details visit : sunshinehomestay.com

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